The people, our interest……

IDLEWILD is a publication of GIOVANE HOUSE which was born 2009 but finally got released in 2011. We used those years to carefully develop and build the brand as well as its content so to achieve the best in both prints and the online media. We stand for all these ENLIGTHMENT, INCREASE, ACCOUNTABILITY, EFFICIENCY, CREATIVITY and PRODUCTIVITY in order to achieve our goals and bring to you, the people our very best undiluted stories and certified #teamIdlewild information. We cover vastly the south-south region of Nigeria, as well as   we are strategically located in certain big cities in Nigeria.

Vision: Idlewild is two words which we made one, meaning the idle mind and the wild mind. We can only express little of what goes on in our mind, so with idlewild magazine we are interested in what goes on in the great minds of people. Our mind is the birth place of all that we can be and how best we can be that.

Mission: Futuristic, it’s a business and lifestyle magazine for the young at heart and who is willing to understand the developments in our everyday society and the future. We want to expose and redirect both the business and social lifestyle of our society as we set trends and innovations through our very own original lifestyles. Idlewild is to be made relevant to both the enlightened who find the need to be regularly updated as well as the unenlightened that deserve great avenues to be a part of this informative and creative era…


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